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Video Codecs & WebRTC

The world of video codecs is arcane, by any standards. But if the big boys (that’s you Google, Cisco, Apple etc) cannot make up their minds between H.264 and VP8 as the standard for WebRTC, then small companies like Jiva Technology cannot deliver the innovation that we and our customers would like. I thought the days of standards wars were behind us; when companies like IBM used to love using them to put one over on the rest of the industry. Obviously not.

We’d like to see some movement on this. Please.

WebRTC comes to Tutorhub

From day one, Jiva Technology has been both a real time ¬†and an open standards house. There are times when that felt like we were swimming in front of a wave, not on the crest of it, but just the same, it always felt like the right thing to do. Sometimes, “doing it right” is more important than “doing it quick”. For Tutorhub users on the Chrome browser, we’ve just switched to webRTC to support the audio component of our online classroom and it’s a great example both of the power of open standards (it’s a big improvement for our customers, out of the box) and how the big guys can help the rest of the industry by investing in open standards to the benefit of all. Google put a lot of muscle and support behind webRTC, so thanks Google, keep up the good work. It also shows why everyone in the industry should be supporting initiatives like this …. Apple.


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