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Spore coming soon

After a long silence Maxis (of The Sims fame) have at last announced a release date for Spore.

Spore has been gestating for several years, Will Wright the creator first talked publicly about at the Game Developers Conference in 2005. You can watch a 35min video of his talk on YouTube, below.

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The schome website

Schome (not school — not home — schome) is a project which is exploring the use of virtual worlds to support learning amongst teenagers.

The main focus of work on schome is currently on the use of Teen Second Life to give people ‘a lived experience’ of radically different models of education.

You can also read about Schome on the Futurelab site.

Learning & Teaching in SL | Education UK – An island in Second Life to support learning & teaching

A brief article outling some of the potential benefits (and drawbacks) of Learning & Teaching in Second Life.

Metaplace Forums – View topic – Unofficial Fansite Links

Despite only being in a closed alpha testing phase Metaplace has already spawned a host of unofficial fan sites set up by gamers and developers to help each other make the most of it, including a facebook group and a developer wiki.


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