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Ideas have moods

I stole this from one of my favourite books, The Art of the Idea.

Before you start questioning my logic and ask why I think simple nouns can or should start to exhibit emotions, I should make myself clearer. In my experience, most ideas are born half baked. It’s a rare and wonderful thing if an idea comes out fully formed, tested and with an execution plan neatly hanging off the back. Ideas are fragile things that need to be nurtured, to bounce off other ideas to make them better. So they need to be born into an environment where the prevailing attitude is, ‘interesting, tell me more’. Where the mood is right for ideas to take hold and grow. Maybe accompanied by a few smiles and a few questions about the idea.

If it’s a real idea, it will carry change with it and change can be difficult for some people. Or maybe all people, depending on the change. I just thought I’d share that.


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