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Female coders

One of the most surprising aspects of the technology industry is the relative gender bias within the software development community. Software engineers are overwhelmingly male and it seems to be accepted as a pretty natural thing. Why? It seems crazy when companies like Google and Facebook make threatening noises about the need for immigration to cover the skills gap whilst almost no one points out that software developers are recruited from only one half of the community. I’ve heard many excuses as to why this is the case, but for every argument, there is almost always a counter argument. Boys like computers more than girls? Do they? They haven’t met my daughter then. How about the fact that girls like languages more than boys. How does that fit in the picture? The sad fact is that I’ve heard too many stories of female coders being given a hard time by overwhelmingly male development teams. This has to stop. You can’t have an industry that draws talent from only half of the population; it’s wrong and it’s bad for business. We don’t have a sign hanging outside the office, but if it did, we would add “female coders welcome here”.




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