Jiva Technology

Why should I love you?

We’ve reached a critical point in the development of our company. I like to think of it as the, ‘nowhere to hide stage’. Tutorhub has been in the kitchen for close to two years and after wrestling with the significant engineering difficulties of producing a genuine real time web app, we’re ready to serve it up. Gulp. Time to find some users. And not just any users, but users that like it so much, they want to tell their friends and get them on it too. Double gulp.

A couple of weeks back, I listened to Alex Hunter pose an interesting and challenging question to anyone looking to build a new product or service on the web. ‘Why should I love you’, he asked. Why indeed. Because our chances of hitting the spot straight away are pretty slight, which means the coming months will see furious activity as we finesse the product. ‘Hey, we’re in the sales and marketing phase’ just doesn’t describe the process we’re going through right now. We’re not selling things or marketing to people in the hope they might buy something. We’re nipping and tucking the product to produce something that really solves a fundamental educational problem. Something we can all love.


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