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With all that’s happening in the world at the moment …

With all thats happening in the world at the moment, it would be easy to overlook the fact that we’ve lived through a remarkably benign period in most western democracies these last 60-70 years. Economic growth has moved up and down, there have been some serious issues that we’ve had to face, but not the whole, things have been pretty stable. It seems that is about to change and its worth pausing for a moment to think about those skills that will become progressively more valuable and those that won’t. By the same measure, are there areas of study that move from the backwaters to centre stage.

Politics is definitely back. And not just in the sense that big political changes are underway. As the nation state reasserts itself, does that mean that students of political science or international relations will become increasingly valuable? If business has to take greater account of political risk in an era post-Brexit, will they be hiring more PoliSci graduates than MBAs? What if the entire post-WW2 world order starts to unravel as some have forecast; does that mean that language students or those with International Relations on their cv will become sought after? And then there’s climate change. Will an appreciation of environmental science be something that gets baked into business and political decisions?

I suppose the honest answer is that we don’t know, but perhaps it would be wise advice to expect the unexpected. One thing is for sure, whilst its usually a safe bet that tomorrow will be much like today, there are occasions when tomorrow is nothing like today. One of those days may well be around the corner. A wise student will keep one eye on current affairs over the next few years and think through the permutations that could happen. It seems likely that we entering a period of less international co-operation, with climate change as a reality and with certain technologies moving into the mainstream that will have a profound impact on how we live. Understanding the flow of events is a good way to recognise the signposts, the markers that things are changing. It feels like a good time to be nimble, a time to be on your toes. Because more than anything, change brings opportunity.



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