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Ross Mountney’s latest contribution to the Tutorhub blog has brought a smile to my face. Ross has been a consistent advocate of ┬átaking your learning outdoors, but there can’t be many amongst who don’t have fond memories of school trips. I can’t even begin to imagine how stressful they are for the teachers, but putting aside any of the things you might learn on the trip, the experience of getting out of school for a day was always memorable.

It was only many years after I’d left school that I realised that one particular trip, which at the time seemed to be a massive distance from the school, it could have been to the Amazon for all I knew, was literally around the corner. When educators talk about ‘teachable moments’, I sometimes think that school trips should be an excellent opportunity to get the attention of young students, but to be honest, all I can ever remember about the trips was the getting there and the getting back. The bit in the middle always appears to be a void. When I see school trips snaking their way around museums today, I can see why. No one is paying attention, there are too many other things going on. But at a time when all we talk about is how school can be effective, how school can prepare students for the world of work, its good to remind ourselves that every once in a while, school should be fun and school trips should be the most fun of all.


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