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I’m falling in love with Twitter all over again

Its not that I ever necessarily fell out of love with Twitter, but the irresistible force of curiosity is always confronted by the immovable object of limited time, until someone finds a way to squeeze more than 24 hours in a day. But of late, I’ve found myself reaching for Twitter more and more and find some genuine treasures at a time when the mainstream news media seem to have entrenched positions on … pretty much everything. We’ve all been encouraged to step outside our echo chamber (something of a challenge personally), but thats easier said than done when you’re surrounded by like minded friends on FB, your (digital) newspaper tells you everything you want to hear or nothing you want to hear (in the case of the other sides newspaper), so getting a balance, can be, well, tricky. Twitter seems to be the best of both worlds, with the magic addition of a lot of humour. If there’s one thing that can take the heat out of the most contentious situations, its the ability to laugh at yourself, your predicament and your political … what’s the opposite of fellow travellers?

It feels like I’m not alone in this, so here’s to you Twitter for worming your way back into my affections and just to avoid any doubt, the renewed interest has abolsutely nothing to do with the prognostications of the 45th President of the USA.


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