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A stunning application of Social Media in education

Project 1917 is a stunning example of social media bringing history to life. Social media has often been characterised as a distraction for most students, but in this case, it brings to life the events surrounding one of the most turbulent episodes in recent European history: the two revolutions that took place in Russia 100 years ago and went on to massively influence the entire twentieth century.

Using diaries and other records from the time, Project 1917 brings events to life through social media. All of the major characters, from Lenin to Trotsky and from Tsar Nicholas to Beria, have been given social media accounts and post their thoughts, albeit it with a 100 year delay. The effect is so compelling that some followers have mistaken the protagonists as real characters and responded to tweets and status updates. Project 1917 is a perfect way to bring important historical events to life and to update them for a modern audience.


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