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Recombine your way to greatness

For most people who want to start their own business, the most difficult challenge is to come up with the ‘idea’. “I’d like my start up” is usually followed by, “I don’t have any good ideas. Starting your own business means coming up with a fabulous new idea or technical breakthrough, doesn’t it? Well, no. One of the easiest and common ways to create an interesting new idea is to take a bunch of existing (or even old) idea and recombine or rearrange them in some way. The most successful new product in research years, the iPhone, was a combination of a mobile phone with an MP3 player with a dash of Apple design. Steve Jobs said as much when he launched the product back in June 2007. I have a friend whose business combined a pub with a cafe with your lounge room – viola, new business idea. The infamous Cereal Cafe so beloved of the media and the hipsters of Shoreditch is a ¬†combination of a cafe with the cereal aisle of your local supermarket. So when you sit down and scratch your head looking for ideas for your killer start up, don’t think too hard about some super niche technical innovation that will knock people’s socks off, just write a list of ¬†30 mundane ideas that interest you and start adding them together – see what you come up with. Recombine your way to start up greatness.



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