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Views from the other side

One of the great joys of the internet is the ability to discover new information, views that don’t correspond with your own or delve into worlds with which you are unfamiliar. It maybe slightly unfashionable to see the world ‘from the other side’ when it seems increasingly popular to use the internet to confirm an existing bias on football, immigration, politics or whatever topic you want to become enraged about, but looking at the world from a different should be the starting point for intelligent discussion.

Take education.  I have been a student/pupil, but like the majority of the population, I’ve never been a teacher. What happens behind the staff room door will forever be a mystery to me. But I can take a peek through the eyes of others. Reading a few of the better teacher blogs out there, like Scenes from the Battleground, Tabula Rasa or the Guardians Secret Teacher, is pretty eye opening. It feels as though every parent should be obliged to read a selection of their posts at the start of every academic year. Its worrying that such a divide seems to have opened between parents, teachers and pupils. And it seems to be getting worse. Perhaps we can start closing the gap by reading a few blogs by the professionals, we might find it eye opening.


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