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murdering the english language

As part of the techno-brethren of Bristol, we recognise that we’re members of an industry that has almost single handedly mangled the English language. We put our hand up and admit to being paradigm-shifters, global platform providers and generally solution … solvers.

But wait, we have competition. It appears that if there’s one group that could edge ahead of the techno-brethren, its the MBA-wielding global management elite. And just to confirm our worst fears, the FT has given over a small slice of its global web presence to recording the worst excesses of our well travelled management friends (at least techies save the planet by using Jira and Confluence). Next time you’re stuck at a train station and you’ve run out of Facebook posts to peruse, take a look at the FT Dictionary of Business Jargon and Corporate Nonsense aka Guffipedia. Its just staggering – if you haven’t said, ‘what!’ within a minute, there’s something wrong with you.

Wake up fellow fellow techno-brethren, you’re not trying hard enough. Mangling words to explain things and sell stuff is passé – these people do it for kicks.


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