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On Leadership

Leadership is a popular topic: much discussed in business school, much missed in politics and not much in evidence in the world around us. All too often we hear media stories of those we previously thought of as capable leaders revealing their monumental feet of clay. There are exceptions: Pope Francis is one who clearly springs to mind – a man with a solid feet of values who’s not afraid to speak his mind and lead his flock in what he sees as the right direction. That clarity of thought and action seems rare, when most politicians seem hell bent on promoting policies derived from focus groups and data mining exercises, rather than high minded principle.

Sport is an arena where we frequently (and perhaps unjustifiably) demand more, but with a Premier League dominated by money, it has fallen to the England Rugby Team to demonstrate what it really means to be a leader. Two names: Lancaster and Robshaw. If you want to know what it means to be a leader, then just watch them. Robshaw says little but always makes more tackles than anyone else on the rugby pitch: a prefect case of leadership by example. Lancaster is a man who sticks to his word, promotes those that perform and radiates a love of what he does.

Has anyone got a bank that these guys can run?



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