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Do we need more websites?

The number of websites has exceeded 1billion*. I won’t even bother quoting the actual number of sites, because it will be out of date before I can finish typing the number, but you can find it here. The number of websites is growing at a faster rate than there are people on the planet (which is saying something) and is in any case an underestimate because it doesn’t include the dark net and all that stuff on intranet. But it begs the question – how many is enough? For Google and the like, the answer is the more the merrier, but given that most people use about 12 websites and it really doesn’t make sense for us all to use 12 different websites (which is theoretically impossible any way), are we reaching a point where we need to go from creation-mode to maintenance mode? Or maybe the web is just a giant organism that kills off the old and the useless to make way for the shiny and new? Is there an ideal size for the web in terms of efficiency? The engineer in me says that there must be and that if you have an interest in the vitality of the whole, there should be a giant kill-switch for stuff that just doesn’t cut it. A sort of Logans Run-style cut off for sites of a certain age that aren’t contributing to the greater good. Too totalitarian for you? Think about all the resources the internet consumes to keep it up: power, rare earth metals (most devices consume them by the bucket load), even that most precious resource … time.

One to ponder.

* I know that not all of these are active. But they could be.


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