Jiva Technology

All I want for Xmas is ..

…. extended search.

All you folks who asked Santa for a more powerful way to find just the right tutor, with those hard to find skills, your wishes have been answered. This Tuesday saw the release of new, extended search functionality onto our flagship tutoring platform Tutorhub. You can now search based on a whole raft of features, such as exam board, the price you want to pay and any peculiarities about the subject that you’re studying. So all you SPSS fiends can now breath easy. You can even specify tutors who are ‘online now’ if you’ve got a burning question that needs an answer or (heaven forbid) you’ve left things to the last minute, you’re notes are indecipherable and the exam starts at 9 am tomorrow.

For those of you who asked Santa for more mainstream items, we refer you back to the man himself.


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