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‘Minimum Viable’ Product vs ‘Good Enough’ Product

The technology industry has evolved a language all of it’s own. One of the phrases you rarely, if ever, hear on Planet Normal is minimum viable product. It’s such a mainstream concept now in the world of software that it goes almost completely unchallenged and given that software has such a high profile these days, I’m starting to worry that the concept might stretch it’s legs and wander off into the medical industry, car industry or even bridge building. Come to think of it, Tesla Motors (run by a tech guy) had a distinctly mvp feel about it until very recently. It’s not as if it originated in the tech industry, I’m pretty sure that during the second world war, plenty of that new military hardware had to be rushed out the door before as soon as it reach mvp.

One of the downsides of the concept being so mainstream is that no one challenges it. I mean, what happened to the idea of a product being really good, the sort of thing you’d want to show your Mum or claim credit for it when your first girlfriend said, ‘that’s a neat idea’. Everything is becoming so process oriented (blame Steve Blank) that maybe we’ve lost some of the art. I’m willing to bet that Rodin didn’t have minimum viable product, although maybe Damian Hirst does.

We are past mvp with Tutorhub, but we can still can do better. The minute you lose that desire to make the product really good is the time to go home, but I can’t really see really good product displacing minimum viable product in the tech lexicon anytime soon.


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