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Why did they do that to Skype?

This isn’t really the place to engage in an uncontrolled rant, but I’m going to do it anyway. It seems to me that since Microsoft paid an awful lot of money for Skype in 2011, the company has added zero features to actually help me and a million features that get in the way. The last straw was Saturday evening. My daughter has a new laptop with Windows 8 pre-installed. We hit the Skype button and despite the fact that she already has a Skype ID, Microsoft requires you to register for a Microsoft service that has nothing to do with Skype. OK, it only asks for email and password, but it’s the principle. It FELT like a naked attempt to blackmail me, “you can use Skype. but only if you sign up to this other service”. I don’t want the other service – period. I want to use Skype. Eventually, thanks to the power of the mighty internet, we found a work around, but it involved downloading the old Skype desktop app and you feel it’s only a matter of time before that wormhole is cut off.

So Microsoft, I would ask you this, “why did you do that?”


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