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Aha! moments

Having been in and around start-ups for over 15 years now, I have gotten used to the common strands that run through all new businesses trying to break through with a new idea. On the downside, there is always the moment when you realise, “we haven’t got any money, how will we make payroll?” On the upside there is always the “aha moment”; the point when you realise that in a completely random conversation, the person you’re talking to has been moaning about a problem that your new solution could solve perfectly. I’ve found that in a good start-up, this happens a lot. It happened to me the other day, whilst driving. My nephew was sitting in the back seat, moaning about the fact that the snow would most likely stop him seeing his French tutor and that this was the fifth week they’d missed, because she’d been overseas the previous four. What both my nephew and his tutor needed was a reliable way to keep the tutoring going, even when they couldn’t be in the same place. In other words, they needed online tutoring. They needed Tutorhub.


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