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Re-assembling education

For those of you that have the time to read it, Marie Bjerede’s blog about DIY learning is worth the effort. For those of you that don’t, the crux of her argument is that we’re reaching the point where it’s possible to take the traditional ‘products’ and ‘processes’ of an education, disassemble them and reassemble them in a way that better suits the learner and their circumstances. This is about much more than just home schooling and takes things even further than the ideas of Edupunk. Some of the most eye-catching examples, such as the Stanford Online AI Course, have happened at college/university level, but the principles make sense and it can only be a matter of time before it filters down to secondary and primary education.

Don’t expect the revolution to come from within though. It never happens that way … it will be those who are close to, but not in the education system, that recognise when all the pieces are in place for a new approach. After all, it wasn’t the music industry that brought us iTunes.


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