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Where did all the good stuff go?

For all the frenzied excitement about the power of Facebook, Twitter et al to change the way we socialise, start revolutions and produce billionaires, the truth is that most of the recent big tech success stories have been about something more prosaic: selling stuff. Google may help you to find stuff, but that’s not why it’s there. It’s there to make money and it does that by selling us stuff. So does Facebook, it’s how Twitter makes money and even the new darling of the tech world, Pinterest, does the same. It’s a giant, ‘who can come up with a clever way to distract people while we sell them stuff’ competition.

Perhaps it’s time for us to wake up. The tech world sees itself as the fixie riding, liberal voting saviours of the planet, but are we really the biggest pimpers of them all? Am I missing something or is there a serious dearth of, well serious projects out there?


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