Jiva Technology

In the US, in the UK

You’ve gotta love Britain. The US had Dallas, Dynasty and Baywatch. The UK had Emmerdale Farm, Eastenders and the Archers. The US has Silicon Valley and we have Silicon … Roundabout. What? To be honest, I was extremely cynical about the whole Old Street thing when our beloved politicians started to get on the bandwagon, but I have to put my hand up and say, “I was wrong”. Having spent some time there recently, I can honestly say the whole area is alive, teeming with people doing really interesting stuff. And not just in silicon or software, but in wood (furniture) and fabric and film and pretty much everything else. Its just fabulous to see and if I was 20 (which I think I am, but sadly I’m not) I’d be there.

In a flash.


Regus House
1 Friary

Temple Quay
United Kingdom