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The Golden Rule of Revision

Exam time is coming, as is evident by the increasing cries for help over on Tutorhub. I have only one tip to give, which is what you might call the golden rule of revision; but I will at least explain why it works and why not following it is a dud.

So here goes, the golden rule of revision:

“it is far better to repetitively go over the material for a bit, day after day, than it is to cram in a long session the night/week before”

Why is this so? Because only through repetition can you move information from the conscious brain to the unconscious brain. Repetition is how the human brain learns. ¬†When you’re panicking in the exam room, it’s easy for you to forget what’s in the conscious brain. Put another way, footballers, who by definition are good at football, continue to train over and over again so that the moves become unconscious. So do dancers at the Royal Ballet, people learning to drive or barristers in the High Court. It’s how we humans learn skills and it’s why the person who says they did no work and gets A*’s was lying. This is the trick used by crammers and by teachers who come in late to ‘get you up a grade’.

P.S. Of course, this assumes that you know what material will be in the exam (the syllabus will tell you) and that you understand it (just keep asking the teacher until you do).






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