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Is it time to start thinking about the Education (eco)System

It’s a given that education is important. It affects the productivity of the workforce and thereby the competitiveness and wealth of nations. You can tell it’s important because politicians always think they need a (new) plan for it if they’re going to get elected.

More teachers, more resources, newer schools, more localised power. They are all good, but in the real world, we all know there’s a constraint: money. The point at which lack of money stops us doing the things we’d really like to do (which is now, really) is the point at which we need to adopt a new way of thinking.

I think it’s time to stop thinking about the education system and start thinking about the education ecosystem.

In the tech world, it’s really common for companies to come up against constraints based on lack of time or money. One of the common approaches is to make it interesting for other people to do the bits you can’t do. They’re called business ecosystems. A great recent example is the app store. There was no way that Apple could write enough interesting apps to make the apps tore concept the over night success it has become. So they created the infrastructure and incentives for other people to do it for them: the Apple Ecosystem.

The Government doesn’t really care about providing an education. What it really cares about is having a productive and wealthy workforce that pay taxes.

I think it’s time for a change of thinking and time for some hard decisions about what education should be provided by the State and what infrastructure needs to be put in place so that the UK Education is an ecosystem of high quality education components. A big educational app store….





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