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What do vacuuming and boys exam performance have in common?

The eclectic nature of the web sometimes throws up some oddities. So when I came across an article giving us men advice on ‘how to vacuum like a man‘ (loud music and beer play their part), I didn’t think much of it. But then I came across an article in the Observer talking about the various reasons why boys may be underperforming girls in exams (64% of girls getting A*-C at GCSE versus 54% for boys). The article suggests that subjects are increasingly examined in a way that is more suited to girls than boys, for example the increasing use of coursework etc. From my own perspective, I think the old system of an exam(s) at the end of a course suits boys; it’s like a high stakes poker game or a shoot out-out in a western. So what’s that got to do with vacuuming? Well, it made me think. Should we be thinking about how to study like a man? To pass an exam like a man? Perhaps the time has come to embrace the differences between the sexes, even in schools and ‘man up’ education for boys.


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