Jiva Technology

T-1 and counting

The days before a launch are always scary, even if its a closed beta. What if they think my baby is ugly? What if my baby stops working? OK, the analogy is running a little thin now, but you get the drift. Still, its an exciting time for us in an exciting market. I have a feeling the world of education is going to be transformed in the next couple of years, judging not just by the projects we’re working on, but some of the stuff I see our peers developing. At the risk of being of being a hammer salesman that sees all the world’s problems as a nail, I think tech will play a big part in that transformation. In the not so recent election, Barack Obama made the comment, “one of my fundamental beliefs … is that real change comes from the bottom up”. I’ll second you on that, Mr President. Maybe its time for us to stop looking to Governments to make the education system better for our children and start taking the small steps at the bottom that can lead to genuine revolution. Time will tell.


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