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Beanbag Learning and the Creative Commons

We’ve been engaged in a lively debate this morning about our site Beanbag Learning. As the site has grown rapidly over the last year or so to become one of the biggest online tutor directories in the UK, it has attracted its fair share of competitors looking to lure away tutors or use Beanbag Learning as a recruiting tool for their own sites. The natural reaction is to consider such free riding as negative behaviour and warn them away, but is there another viewpoint? Within reason, don’t tutors want their skills to be as widely advertised as possible and don’t potential customers want it to be as easy to find them as possible? In other words, would sharing make us good citizens? Should we take a creative commons approach and promote sharing of information with other sites? For sure, if we take that approach it needs to be done in a controlled way, so that tutors can ultimately decide if their information is shared, but there’s clearly a DEMAND for the information, so why should we stand in its way if we can do it so that tutors benefit, users benefit and we benefit.


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