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Why start-ups focused on education are so important.

I’m a big believer that education is going to be the ground zero of global competition in the years to come. The World Bank estimates that half the world’s population currently have to exist on $2.50 a day or less. They’re effectively locked out of both education and the world economy as it stands, because staying alive has to be their main preoccupation. As people move out of poverty in countries like China and India, they quite rightly are looking to get an education, get work and get ahead.

For both individuals and Governments around the world, this means one thing: more competition. Just as with companies, the only sensible response is to get better at what we do, continue raising the bar and create industries and ideas that didn’t previously exist. And that means getting better educated. With a finite amount of money to go round, start-ups in the education sector have a vital role in delivering new, cheaper and more pervasive methods to learn. Because if we rely on the State, it just isn’t going to happen. So to Edmodo, School of Everything, Beanbag, TeachStreet, Social Media Classroom, Startl and Revolution Learning . Keep doing what you’re doing.


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