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The Merits of Careful Contemplation

In the realm of communication, we live in the age of short is sweet. Texting, twitter and television all get the message across as quickly and concisely as possible. And we’re sort of guilty of that here too: our flagship product is all about finding short bursts of advice from a specialist of your choice, in real time. Time to stop and stare? Okay, I’ve got a spare 30 seconds.

Its only when you come across a piece of really high quality work that you’re reminded that some subjects defy 140 characters and real time. Our CTO, Pete, has just pointed me to the Digital Youth Project, a study by anthropologists at the University of Southern California and backed by the MacArthur Foundation. They’ve spent three years looking in detail at the online habits of 800 youths and young adults and observed over 5,000 hours of online activity and produced a really coherent report that every parent and educator should take a look at. I won’t spoil it for you by telling you their conclusions, but if you want to know what our kids are up to and why, take a look. Its a compelling example of the value of serious and lengthy study of important issues.

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