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More help for tutors: Tutorhub.org

This may smack of shameless self promotion, but the busy month of October sees us launch another site: Tutorhub. Way back when, we carried out a whole series of focus groups looking at parents attitudes to out of school learning and tutoring. One of the biggest headaches that parents faced was in tracking down tutors, so we launched Beanbag as a way for people to locate local tutors and for local tutors to promote themselves. Tutorhub is the next step: by making it easier for educators to exchange information and collaborate, it makes it easier for good ideas to propagate, for new tutors to get started and for issues (like new legislation) to be discussed .

It can only be good for out of school learning and since its always nice for birds of a feather to flock together, we thought we’d provide somewhere to roost.


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