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Can you market a product by telling people not to buy?

About a year ago, I bought some new floor coverings. I would have said ‘carpet’, but it seems that things have moved on a little since I last bought floor coverings and, well let’s just say that there are quite a few more options to choose from. Like about a million different options. Wood floor, […]

Our education system and why it has to change

Here’s a simple thought process. The UK’s statistical office estimates that babies born today have a 2/3 chance of living until they’re 100. They’ll spend the first few years learning the basics, like sitting, standing, talking, learning language and manipulating objects with their hands. All the hard stuff.¬†At around the age of 4 or 5, […]

What difference can just one person make?

It turns out the answer is simple: a lot. Its easy to be pessimistic about the world with mainstream and social media being so heavily weighted towards anger, resentment and bad news, but it turns out there are plenty of people who ignore the naysayers and get on with changing the world one tree at […]

How we consume education

Education is all about school, right? And university? And maybe some professional education if I want to become a lawyer or an accountant. Or maybe some vocational educational if I’m a nurse or a plumber or a digital marketing maven? Once we’ve mastered the basics of reading and writing and some basic maths, it’s all […]


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