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The Dunning-Kruger effect

The Dunning-Kruger cognitive bias suggests thatĀ if you have expertise or competenceĀ in a subject, you’re more likely to play down your capabilities than boast of your brilliance. Unfortunately, the reverse is also true. Low ability individuals massively over estimate their abilities in areas they know nothing about. We’ve all come up against this in real life, […]

Is a university education worth the time, effort and cost?

Its almost a heresy to question the value of a university education. It is only in recent years that we’ve measured the value of our time at university in terms of future earning power and only in very recent years, with the advent of tuition fees, that a sort of educational net present value calculation […]

Recombine your way to greatness

For most people who want to start their own business, the most difficult challenge is to come up with the ‘idea’. “I’d like my start up” is usually followed by, “I don’t have any good ideas. Starting your own business means coming up with a fabulous new idea or technical breakthrough, doesn’t it? Well, no. […]

The Freelance Academic

The freelancing or gig economy seems to have washed up on the shores of academia. In a profession where ‘tenure’ was historically the ultimate goal and offered the security to study with our short term pressures on performance, does this represent the ultimate expression of changes to the world of work? Its easy to see […]


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