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A stunning application of Social Media in education

Project 1917 is a stunning example of social media bringing history to life. Social media has often been characterised as a distraction for most students, but in this case, it brings to life the events surrounding one of the most turbulent episodes in recent European history: the two revolutions that took place in Russia 100 […]

AI-proofing your job prospects Part 2

Despite the attention that advances in article intelligence (AI) are receiving in the press at the moment, there has been very little comment on the implications of AI for the curriculum. To be fair, most of the press articles could be summarised as, “artificial intelligence/machine learning/deep learning is coming, be scared, let’s control it”. But […]

AI-proofing your job prospects

I’m hearing a lot of talk in the media about one of the hottest areas of tech right now: artificial intelligence or AI. As is usual in this stage in the technology (over) promotion cycle, AI is going to change everything. Its going to make our life better and its going to make our life […]

Unused value in Education

Most people who participate in the sharing economy (of which Tutorhub is a part) do so because of its convenience, value or access to products and services that would otherwise be unavailable. But for some, its the reduction in waste that naturally follows sharing things that you aren’t using. I once rented an Airbnb from […]


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