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start ups versus self-employed

What actually is a start-up? Since the Great Recession (not so great for most people), the UK and many other countries have experienced a growth in new business formation. Does this suggest a burst of entrepreneurial zeal or an increase in people starting a business because they couldn’t get a job. People often ask me […]

looking down the road

It’s hardly insightful to suggest that the current cohort of school and university leavers are likely to enter a world of work that will be dramatically different to the one experienced by their parents. They’ll most likely be the willing or possibly unwilling recipients of parental advice based on a working world that didn’t have […]

limiting access to meaning

I won’t bother adding a link, because (annoyingly) unless you have a subscription to the FT Online, it won’t be of any use to you. However, reading the old fashioned paper version of the FT at the weekend, I was amused to see a review of three books all relating to the same subject: the […]

‘Minimum Viable’ Product vs ‘Good Enough’ Product

The technology industry has evolved a language all of it’s own. One of the phrases you rarely, if ever, hear on Planet Normal is minimum viable product. It’s such a mainstream concept now in the world of software that it goes almost completely unchallenged and given that software has such a high profile these days, […]


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