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The Freelance Academic

The freelancing or gig economy seems to have washed up on the shores of academia. In a profession where ‘tenure’ was historically the ultimate goal and offered the security to study with our short term pressures on performance, does this represent the ultimate expression of changes to the world of work? Its easy to see […]

What will the humans do?

Of late, the press seemed to have picked up on major advances in the fields of artificial intelligence and robotics and translated them into angst regarding the future of mankind. ┬áThere appears to be a two concerns arising from these developments: how Man (by that I mean we humans, not some bloke down the pub) […]

Tutoring for advanced, university and adult learners

One of the topics that receives little, if any attention is the nature in which tutoring changes as students get older. Whilst its fairly obvious that a pre-schooler who needs help learning to read has different requirements to a GCSE students who’s working hard to master physics, there is a marked difference between the GCSE […]

GCSEs: change is afoot

It seems that more changes are in store for the British Exam System. I’m guessing that most parents won’t be aware of what’s to come and most pupils will have no concept of why it matters. But from 2017, there will be a gradual shift in the way that GCSE exams are graded, from a […]


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