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Responsible capitalism

One of the most over used, cliched, phrases you’ll hear in business is, “to leave things in a better shape than when you found them”. Even arms manufacturers usually help themselves sleep at night by talking about being members of the defence industry rather than the destruction industry. A quick stroll through the mission statements […]

Ideas needed .. quickly.

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation, in conjunction with UK in a Changing Europe, a think-tank drawing on academic research to look at the UK-EU relationship, have been taking a closer look at the issues that drove voters to choose Leave in the 2016 EU referendum. Setting aside the politics and sometimes angry debate that goes with […]

Where do the smart ones go?

Take a step back and take a deep breath and you can start to see some pretty significant new technologies beginning to emerge. And when I say significant, I don’t mean a new social media platform or a new VR-Based game. I mean technology that’s good for all of us: green tech. By happy coincidence, […]

It’s all about the trees.

Going back a few years I spent a lot of time in the far north of Scotland. The Caithness region can be a little wild and windy, but it has a dramatic natural beauty that’s reinforced by the almost complete absence of trees. I thought the lack of trees was a natural thing, but it […]


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