Jiva Technology

The Smallpiece Trust

Studying engineering or a STEM-based university course is no easy option; I know, because I spent four years doing just that. Of course the flip side is that it often leads to an incredibly diverse and interesting range of careers. Yesterday, my brother tipped me off about the Smallpiece Trust, an educational charity dedicated to [...]

Google, Algorithms and the nature of human beings..

I’m about to embark on a one week experiment that I’m possibly going to regret: I’m switching my default search tool from Google to Bing. I’d like to make the change to DuckDuckGo, but Apple doesn’t seem to have that in the preferences (reasons on a postcard, please). You might ask yourself what’s prompted my [...]

It’s time for tech companies to stop playing games with tax

I have a simple request for Google, Apple, Amazon and all the other big technology companies that are engaging in increasingly complex tax avoidance scheme in order to … well, avoid tax. It’s not big, it’s not clever and it’s giving the rest of us a bad name. Technology companies have historically enjoyed a good [...]

Video Codecs & WebRTC

The world of video codecs is arcane, by any standards. But if the big boys (that’s you Google, Cisco, Apple etc) cannot make up their minds between H.264 and VP8 as the standard for WebRTC, then small companies like Jiva Technology cannot deliver the innovation that we and our customers would like. I thought the [...]


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