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Bill Gates and The Road Ahead

Published in 1995, The Road Ahead was Gates’ contribution to the ever-popular activity of crystal ball gazing. At the dawn of the commercial Internet, it was clear that great change was afoot, but nobody was quite sure what it would all mean, despite some people claiming otherwise. One of the great things about predicting the […]

Failure vs. Giving Up

Today’s Financial Times carries a strangely insightful piece on the difference between failure and giving up. Failure has long been lauded in the start-up community as a precursor to eventual success, but as Lisa Pollack points out, what about the people who just give up before achieving either success or failure? There’s a broader life […]

Timing is everything … or not.

One of the annoying features of building a web company is that having the right idea is not enough. You have to have it at the right time. A case in point from the Morgan Stanley Dean Witter European Internet Report of June 1999: “As of 6/9/99, Boo.com had yet to launch it’s website, but […]

Where Software Companies go to Die.

It seems that there is life after death in the software industry. Reincarnation is possible. It has always been my assumption that software companies took themselves off into a corner to die if they were overtaken by the next big thing. Or more likely if the NBT that overtook them was itself overtaken by a […]


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