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Ideas have Moods

I have a long standing interest in creativity and new ideas. It doesn’t matter if they are good ideas, bad ideas or downright appalling ideas; as far I am concerned, they all litter the path to enlightenment. My second favourite book on the subject of ideas is long (it runs to over 700 pages) and […]

Service Marketplaces: a way for people to work on their own terms

One of the big benefits of service marketplaces like Tutorhub, Airbnb, Uber or Thumbtack, is that they provide service providers with an extra income source and permit a great deal of flexibility in when, how and where you work. It’s a way to work on your own terms. Whether it’s freelance professionals on Thumbtack, drivers […]

The door-to-door business model

Something is afoot in the world of internet business models. There seems to be a sudden increase in the number of people selling internet products … door-to-door. Almost all of the products on offer have been ‘food services’ on subscription, companies like Hello Fresh and Flower & something-or-other. In principle, it’s a very direct way […]

Stick to your knitting

“You should stick to your knitting” is a slightly odd phrase, particularly in an age when even the hipsters aren’t knitting (cue torrent of statistics proving that knitting has never been more popular). In a business sense, it usually means working out what you’re good at and sticking to it or in the business school […]


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