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Amazon Dash and all that.

Amazon Dash, Amazon Prime, delivery drones and instantaneous gratification. “I want it now” is one of the big trends in tech at the moment, as if waiting a day or so for that new T-shirt is suddenly unacceptable. It feels like the ultimate end-point of consumerism; the asymptote (for all you maths-nerds out there) of […]

Tutorhub Q&A: Locke & Rousseau

Tutorhub Q&A has a habit of throwing up left field questions that generate interesting answers. When I’m browsing though questions and taking a look at the myriad of answers, I often find myself thinking, “I didn’t know that”. Given the recent debate about rising inequality, the intense interest shown in the work of french academic […]

Do two-way rating systems change behaviour?

Uber, in common with a number of prominent market platforms, allow both sides of the transaction – driver and passenger – to rate their experience. Your rating as a customer is not available through the app, but anyone who uses the service a lot should know that if your rating slips under 4.0, you may […]

Ideas have Moods

I have a long standing interest in creativity and new ideas. It doesn’t matter if they are good ideas, bad ideas or downright appalling ideas; as far I am concerned, they all litter the path to enlightenment. My second favourite book on the subject of ideas is long (it runs to over 700 pages) and […]


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