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Tutorhub Q&A: History Revision Techniques

Here’s one for all you historians out there. I always found it slightly problematic trying to cram in all the dates and facts and characters needed for my history exams – which is probably why I ended up studying engineering. Our Tutorhub Q&A question of the week tackles the tricky question of revising for History […]

How would Steve Jobs tackle global warming?

Larry Elliott wrote a piece in the Guardian/Observer yesterday that questioned how one of Henry VIII’s Minister’s, Thomas Cromwell, might tackle two issues facing his modern day counterparts: government deficits and bad behaviour at banks. The article is interesting in itself, but what captured my imagination was the more profound idea of looking at problems […]

Tutorhub Q&A: Question of the Week

This may seem a little strange, but I love maths. I’m not alone in loving maths, but we maths-lovers have to admit that we’re in the minority. So I can’t help but promote this Q&A Hub questions as my questions of the week: Who are the 30 greatest mathematicians? My vote? Fermat.

On Leadership

Leadership is a popular topic: much discussed in business school, much missed in politics and not much in evidence in the world around us. All too often we hear media stories of those we previously thought of as capable leaders revealing their monumental feet of clay. There are exceptions: Pope Francis is one who clearly […]


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