Jiva Technology

Where Software Companies go to Die.

It seems that there is life after death in the software industry. Reincarnation is possible. It has always been my assumption that software companies took themselves off into a corner to die if they were overtaken by the next big thing. Or more likely if the NBT that overtook them was itself overtaken by a […]

The Tutors Association

Following the creation of The Tutors Association, we have become keen advocates of this organisation which aims to promote tutoring as an industry and introduce standards for those businesses operating within it. Under the energetic leadership of Tom Maher, they are in the process of setting out what they stand for and what they want […]

The crisis in Maths education

It seems to me that when it comes to Maths, the world can be split into Maths: those that love it and enjoy it and those who don’t. There doesn’t seem to be an awful lot in between the two extremes, it’s more of a Marmite subject. As one of those who falls into the […]

A banner year for Bristol sport

Or not. Many of you that know us at Jiva also know that we ardent sports fans (that’s sounds a little too American, but we’ll live with it). If you include the parts of South Gloucestershire that are really part of the City, there has to be over a million people in Bristol. So how […]


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