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Online Vocational Training: the Swiss DUAL-T Project

Online learning has typically been viewed as a tool for academic learning at either secondary or tertiary level, but the Swiss State Secretariat for Education (SERI) have recently been extending online education to the vocational sphere. DUAL-T is a research project that aims to bridge the gap between classroom and workplace  The core concept of a shared ‘Erfaherraum’ or experience space using online technologies as a bridge between the two worlds’ is another example of how e-learning and shared educational spaces are beginning to bring innovation into the world of education.

With the acceptance of collaborative tools like Slack in the workplace, it is inevitable that the historic monolithic model of education that we’re used to begging to break down towards a more collaborative model and one that works at the pace of the learner, not the provider. Online educational technologies work because they reduce the cost of more personalised education. At Tutorhub, we see an enormous range of academic and professional tuition being provided to students at all levels, but DUAL-T marks the arrival online education in the field of vocational training.


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