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You’re welcome to your own opinion

It would be fair to say that most people respect the right of other people to hold an opinion different to their own. Its been somewhat tested of late, but its pretty much a cornerstone of our democracy. But whilst everyone is welcome to their own opinion, there seems to be a growing belief in certain quarters that every opinion is equally valid. Its clearly nonsense, but the idea that experts have no more to say on a subject than a lay person is not only incorrect, its downright dangerous. Just because an expert isn’t always correct in their assessment, it doesn’t mean their opinion should be held equally valid with someone who knows nothing at all about a subject. Unfortunately, the internet seems to be playing a part in this trend – mainly as a source of ‘instant opinions’. Doctors have gotten used to patients arriving in surgery with a firm view of whats wrong with them garnered from a self diagnosis and a round trip of medical websites using Google. But only the seriously misguided trust a Google search result over a doctors consultation. At its core, this is an attack on learning, something that Tutorhub cares about very much. We have spent a considerable amount of time, effort and resources to make available people who actually know what they are talking about on a wide range of subjects. Some know more than others, some have different styles of teaching, some are older, some are younger, but the whole point of Tutorhub is to learn from someone who knows more about a subject than you do.

An expert in other words.

We firmly believe that you can’t know everything all the time; its the smart person who recognises when they need help and reaches out to others to get it. So for all the worlds experts, we know that you’re not always right, but those of us here at Tutorhub are on your team.


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