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Four quick links; June 23rd 2009

Caterina Fake’s Hunch: “Yahoo Answers Is Not The Answer.”

I really like Hunch, despite the seemingly endless list of rather nosey questions it asks during sign-up! At Jiva we have quite an interest in the next generation of Q&A sites (both HTH and Specialize IN are very much in this area) and like many web types were interested in what Caterina Fake would do next after leaving Flickr and Yahoo. I particularly like the quote that seems to be following Hunch around; “Yahoo Answers is not the answer”.

Distance Learning Support 2Tor Raises $10M

2Tor is an interesting startup in that it is targeting working with universities and higher education institutions to supply a full suite of integrated features that offer the ability for the universities to offer distance learning without developing the technology themselves . Raising $10million at the moment is pretty impressive and it’ll be interesting to track the take up of this as more and more universities look diversify their income streams.

Chris Anderson: A Radical Vision of the New Economy

Chris Anderson, Editor in Chief at Wired and author of the Long Tail is in Bristol to pimp his new book ‘Free’. Although as it has been remarked by some it is amusing that a talk based on the ‘Free’ model costs £6 :) This should be an interesting talk and certainly a rare occasion to see someone as well regarded in web circles as Anderson in Bristol.

This is just too cool not to post;


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