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So as we get a little deeper into 2009 we here at Jiva are anticipating a pretty interesting year and are making a few changes to the way we do things around here.

For much of the latter part of 2008 and early bit of ’09 we were focused on building HTH and making ongoing, iterative improvements to the Beanbag Learning site but as we are rapidly approaching releasing a beta version of HTH to a private group of testers and are now happy with where we are with Beanbag it seems an opportune time to shake things up a little.

We have recruited a talented team here and have decided to occasionally let them see the world outside of the office and to look beyond 3 week Scrum sprints(!) so we are going to start taking on a small amount of work for hire to mix things up a little and refresh everyones creative juices a tad (and lets be frank here, the revenue won’t hurt either!)

We are going to quite selective in the work we take on, utilising the contacts we have built up over the years and focusing on work that fits in with the kind of things we are trying to achieve here at Jiva. This means well engineered ruby-on-rails applications, elegant user focused design, data visualistion and use of Adobe Air to create cross platform desktop applications.

That said it is going to be something of a juggling act and we will have to be vigilant to ensure that we are able to offer the best possible work to any clients while retaining time to work on our own products.

As well as Beanbag and HTH we are also currently working on a number of other projects including Specialise.In which will become our new flagship product this summer and a whole host of projects that have sprung out of our 10% lab time – the first of which Sweet Tweet was released as a Valentine to Twitter. A full list of what we are up to can be found on our Projects page.

There are now seven full-time staff working at Jiva and I think this year is going to be a busy one despite our growth as a company – but it should be interesting!


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