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Mark Zuckerberg has been in the news a lot recently. Or maybe he’s just been in the news a lot for a long time and I’ve only noticed it recently. Anyway, after all the hoopla surrounding the Facebook IPO, his latest crusade appears to be immigration restrictions for software engineers. Let’s face it, these are hardly the motives of an altruist. One of the reasons that there’s a shortage of software engineers in the USA and the rest of the world is that we are only hiring and training from half the population. The male half. Zuckerberg would be better off, from both a business and PR perspective, launching or backing a campaign to make coding a more female friendly occupation. After all, last time I looked, he had a fair number of female customers …..

Optimism vs Pessimism

In my opinion, a defining feature of good entrepreneurs is an optimistic outlook, tempered by a realism won through the hard school of experience. It’s why I have always appreciated Theodore Zeldin’s explanation of the difference between the glass half-full and the glass half-empty:

“Optimism is awareness that despite nastiness and stupidity, there is something else too. Pessimism is resignation, an inability to find a way out. The eternal see-saw between optimism and pessimism has been weighted in favour of the latter by writers whose view of the world has been formed by an examination of their own navel, rather than undertaking new adventures”

(Zeldin, An Intimate History of Humanity)


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