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Jiva Technology were troubling the airwaves last Friday night, with an interview given by Jon Ellis for BBC Radio Bristol’s drivetime show. Jon gave the local angle to the recent launch of Tutorhub, Jiva’s new education site. Despite presenter Ben Prater’s attempts to throw Jon a curve ball with questions about the physics of cat’s whiskers, it was great publicity, so thanks to all at Radio Bristol for the chance to tell the City about Tutorhub. Those of you wanting to hear the interview in its entirety can click on the link: BBC Radio Bristol

At the same time, the story was picked up by hyper local newspaper BedminsterPeople, who gave their own twist on the story.

The difference between markets and information about markets

Snappy title, huh? Ok, so my subject may make for dreary title, but trust me, it’s one of the most important issues in the internet business and understanding the difference can make the difference between being a healthy, growing company and an involuntary not-for-profit. Google, Facebook and Twitter understand the difference.

Ultimately, information about markets can be more valuable than the markets themselves. It’s one of the reasons why traders in corn futures earn more than traders in corn. In the most extreme examples, the commodity itself can be given away for free because the information about the market is so valuable. Google is a great example of this. Their corn (search) is offered for free in return for corn market data (information about what people are searching for). Facebook are quietly doing this in the market for your likes and dislikes (don’t tell me you thought that button was there for fun). But if collecting and controlling information about markets has always been more profitable, why aren’t more people at it? I mean, it’s not a new thing – the Rothschild’s understood it 200 years ago and got seriously rich as a result.

in the press

I’m not sure that ‘hot off the press’ is something we can say any longer, but the Bristol Evening Post today ran a nice article covering the forthcoming launch of Tutorhub. For those of us born and bred in the city, the BEP continues to hold a place in our hearts, so it’s nice to see our name in lights. So with metaphors suitably mixed, we’ll just await the freedom of the City and rights to graze our sheep on the Downs.

What do vacuuming and boys exam performance have in common?

The eclectic nature of the web sometimes throws up some oddities. So when I came across an article giving us men advice on ‘how to vacuum like a man‘ (loud music and beer play their part), I didn’t think much of it. But then I came across an article in the Observer talking about the various reasons why boys may be underperforming girls in exams (64% of girls getting A*-C at GCSE versus 54% for boys). The article suggests that subjects are increasingly examined in a way that is more suited to girls than boys, for example the increasing use of coursework etc. From my own perspective, I think the old system of an exam(s) at the end of a course suits boys; it’s like a high stakes poker game or a shoot out-out in a western. So what’s that got to do with vacuuming? Well, it made me think. Should we be thinking about how to study like a man? To pass an exam like a man? Perhaps the time has come to embrace the differences between the sexes, even in schools and ‘man up’ education for boys.


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