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P1000409I’ve just come back from a trip to China, talking in a mixture of business and pleasure in Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao and Suzhou. It was my first trip to the country and what struck me was the single minded way in which they are pursuing the ‘betterment’ of their country. Leaving aside the political considerations for a moment, there seems to be a laser-like focus on improving things for the average man (and woman) in the street. One of the most striking aspects of this is the way that education is seen as a competitive weapon in the battle for economic success. Books such as ‘Built to Last’ have long championed the need to have the ‘best people on the bus’ in the pursuit of corporate success and China Inc. seems to have taken this to heart at a country level. Of course, they can’t choose who’s on the bus, but they can choose what skills they have and you can almost feel the frenzied acquisition of knowledge. Its been said before, but its worth repeating, countries as well as companies that ignore the education of their people and staff do so at their peril. Its a competitive world out there and todays heroes can too often become tomorrow’s zeroes. Education is set to become one the great global markets in the years to come and the challenge for both governments and corporations will be to deliver it in an increasingly low and pervasive fashion.


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