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Tutorhub Q&A: How to construct an A* Response in English

Some great advice from Heather on how to construct an essay that is likely to attract the top grade in English Literature. With the exam season fast approaching, Tutorhub gets a lot of questions of how to revise and how best to present your answers, so we’ll be show casing some of the answers from our tutors.

So what was the advice? In short, she suggests the following:

  1. make sure you answer the question from beginning to end, don’t stray off-topic.
  2. avoid talking generally, plan and stay focused.
  3. show insight and try to make interesting and different points

For more sage advice from tutors and fellow students, why not take a peek at the Tutorhub Q&A hub. You can even ask your own questions – you never know what you’ll learn.


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