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The door-to-door business model

Something is afoot in the world of internet business models. There seems to be a sudden increase in the number of people selling internet products … door-to-door.

Almost all of the products on offer have been ‘food services’ on subscription, companies like Hello Fresh and Flower & something-or-other. In principle, it’s a very direct way to recruit new users; once you know what the customer lifetime value is, a simple calculation yields your commission rates etc. Most of the companies seem to be using university students or school leavers as the basis for an enthusiastic salesforce, which is no bad thing and probably works for both parties. It keeps costs down for the provider and it’s a valuable commercial education and handy extra cash for the sales team.

I’m tempted to keep a record of how many knocks on the door I get. If the business model works, I’m assuming I’ll see more on my doorstep. If it doesn’t, the modern day Willy Lomans’ will go the way of Arthur Millers fictional character and once again we’ll see the death of a salesman.

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