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Bristol, British City 1951

Being a Bristol-based company, we’re slightly biased, but for all you fans of Bristol out there, this one’s for you. To say that this is ‘one from the archive’ seems like something of an understatement, but take a look at this film commissioned by Bristol Corporation in 1951, as a promotional tool for the Festival of Britain:

Bristol, British City 1951

Despite being over 60 years old, it’s pretty familiar in many ways. It’s not so much the people or the place that seem like a relic from the past, but the paternal (and the City Corporation were mostly men) attitude of the local government that seems so out of place. The other big change is the amount of manufacturing that took place in the City back then. It makes you wonder how a film of Bristol 2015 would be viewed in 2079. Perhaps it would be amusing for our grandchildren to see all those digital agencies, media companies and hipster beards on show.

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